Goodbye Vine

Whilst I was trying to decide on what I should blog about first, I heard the news that I don’t think any of us expected to hear, Vine would be no more. Twitter has told shareholders that it aims to slash its’ workforce by 9% and that it will be shutting down the video-sharing app, Vine, in the coming months.

Twitter claim that although we will be saying goodbye to the app, they will not be cruel enough to delete all of those amazing videos that we all know and love and they will not be shutting down the website for now, with more information to come in the coming months.

This news was first announced on the ‘Medium’ blog page and word spread fast. With #RIPVine and #VineHallOfFame trending worldwide on Twitter, it’s clear to see the news hit the social stratosphere hard.

But with Jason Calacanis, an investor who was an early UBER backer, offering to buy Vine to keep it going, is there still life in the old dog yet? Well I for one hope so, how else will I get my fill of Ava Ryan!!!!!




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