It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Yes I know, it’s only the 5th of November. BUT I am an excitable soul and there is no better time of year than Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, my birthday is always a blast and I LOVE a good festival, but there is something about the build up to the holidays that makes everything seem a little bit brighter. People get more friendly and kindhearted, and those that don’t simply get labelled ‘grinch’ and we all move on with our days. Television, although still shocking, gets switched up with festive films on a sunday afternoon. To top it all off, what is better than weeks of amazing carb-loaded food and more alcohol-focused events than are acceptable the rest of the year. Why would we not want to drag this season out? Especially in the midst of ‘Brexit’ and the downfall of the pound, it’s always nice to distract ourselves with something a little less gloomy.

Why am I bringing this up now you may ask. Well it is not only because the early bird catches the worm, but it was a year ago tomorrow, the 6th november 2015, that the infamous, annual ‘John Lewis Christmas Advert’ was released.

If I were to associate Christmas with any one brand or company, forget coca-cola or cadbury, John Lewis would be Number One. Forget the switch on of festive lights, this is it.

Why? It would be hard to explain the christmas period without that heart-wrenching, tear-jerking advert. And it would be hard to describe said advert as anything less than ‘epic’ or a ‘phenomenon’. We wait patiently for it to signify the start of Christmas and we watch it again and again. Whilst normally adverts are something to be ignored and the channel changed, these adverts are searched on youtube, and shared between friends.

Some may argue that the coco-cola truck is the start of the festive season but I disagree. Yes the coke advert is a Christmas staple, but only minutes after it’s over we move on with our lives. However, the John Lewis advert doesn’t slip the mind so easily.

Is there a better way to engage your publics than building their anticipation? Knowing that all they want is to have it now, to know the song, the singer and what this years’ advert will be about. Giving them no information until the big reveal.

So what is in store for 2016? Now I may claim to know everything about everything but this is one area that I am stumped. 

All we know is there is a strong belief on social media that the song will a David Bowie song, in his memory. But if we go by that idea, there’s always a chance, albeit smaller, it could be a Prince classic.

Although we can stab a guess at the song, the theme is completely unknown with no well founded rumours floating around cyberspace.

When will it air? My guess is this Friday, 11th November. 8am on youtube like previous years, then later that evening during a popular TV show, possibly 9pm’s ‘Gogglebox’ following the pattern of the last two years. 

Competition? In my opinion there are never any main competitors for the John Lewis Advert. With one exception; Sainsbury’s 2014. Although that year was my all time favourite of John Lewis’ adverts with monty the penguin, nobody can deny that Sainsbury’s just topped it that year. 

Sainsbury’s heartwarming whilst still hard hitting advert that year was in memory of the 100 year anniversary of World War One and that forever remembered Christmas Day. They depicted the true life story of the two army’s putting down their guns and calling a day of ceasefire to play a game of football. The advert starts with both sides singing ‘holy night’ and is focused on a bar of chocolate secretly given to a German solider by his English counterpart.

It was beautifully done and such an important part of history to remember. It showed the true compassion and love of human spirit and is a message that is so important around the holidays. It was a brilliant way to teach the younger generation about such an incredible sight of hope in such a traumatic time. The best part about it was that the chocolate bar was sold in stores, with all profits going to the Royal British Legion.

I am sat in tears even writing about the advert, and although I may be biased due to my family links to the armed forces, I know that is one Christmas advert which will always be at the top of the list.

But in a time of unknowns, with the passing of so many great artists to be accounted for this year and in a country with ever growing political divide; all I know is John Lewis better bring their Christmas cheer (and tears) soon.



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