Clash of the (Christmas) Titans

Just as I thought John Lewis would be the top 2016 Christmas Advert an underdog has swiped it out from under them.

Yes just over a week ago I wrote about how brilliant the John Lewis advert would be and how they’re rarely ever topped in this field. Yes you may have think I had been bribed by my words of praise and adoration.

But I may have been a bit too quick off the mark.

Somehow an unexpected competitor has set the bar extraordinarily high and after the release of John Lewis’ disappointing ad online on Thursday I think they’ve won it.

Burberry, a huge brand with 160 years of historical roots, in a huge turn of events has launched one of the most effective, engaging campaigns I have seen in a long time.

Burberry regularly release a Christmas campaign including a “festive film” with 2015 celebrating 15 years of Billy Elliot and 2014’s “From London With Love”. Both featuring none other than Romeo Beckham.

This year’s festive film is titled “The Tale of Thomas Burberry” and stars Sienna Miller, Lily James, Domhnall Gleeson and Dominic West. It’s in the form of a 3 minute movie advert and is directed by Academy Award Winner Asif Kapadia.

It celebrates 160 years of the brand by detailing the extraordinary life of the incredible brand founder, Thomas Burberry.

In only 216 seconds the video leaves you fascinated, engrossed and wanting more.

It is not only the audience who are left desperate for an actual feature length film, with Lily James agreeing with fans that a cinema movie would be successful. Even claiming that they shot enough footage for it to be a possibility.

With nearly five and a half million YouTube views in only 12 days and multiple commenters begging for a full film across all social media platforms, there could be a good audience for it.

It could provide a huge amount of publicity for the Burberry brand and help to provide links with the younger, less traditional generation. Also, what better way to tell your publics you are listening to what they want than by giving them exactly that.

I for one want this to happen so let’s wait in anticipation with fingers crossed!


3 thoughts on “Clash of the (Christmas) Titans

  1. Glad to see a blog post exposing how incredible ‘The Tale of Thomas Burberry’ is! I love the song played in the soundtrack of the video! Hope to read more posts from you!


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