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Really interesting post, I love James Corden as the new host.


Recently Talk Shows in America have been taking it up a notch!
Usually, the content on a talk show includes topics surrounding society, celebrities and politics which also feature celebrity guests in order for them to discuss and advertise the movie or  album according to the Los Angeles Times.

Recently the ratings in Talk Shows have increased dramatically due to the content being shared on Youtube (Los Angeles Times) and the hosts/ celebrity guests tend to share these Youtube videos on their own personal Twitter accounts.

jimmy fallon.png
Taken from Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter page.

James Corden, a British Actor, is now the host of the Late Late show, taking over from Craig Ferguson and he has brought his own segments which are rather forward thinking to attract more viewers with his famous segment called ‘Carpool Karaoke’. This involves Corden to drive around in an SUV with a famous guest…

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2 thoughts on “Talk Show Buzz

  1. I do like the idea of making talk shows more fun and engaging but do you think it takes away from some of the traditional talk show aspects at all?


    1. I understand why it may appear that way, but it is important to keep up with the way things are changing. The audience seem to like this engagement and enjoy the more ‘fun’ aspects such as humorous games and segments, therefore by not accommodating to this it is possible that viewers will be lost. It is important to engage in a form of discourse with the publics and listen to what they want. Hosts such as James Corden and Jimmy Fallon are doing this.


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